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How to report bugs
« on: December 06, 2012, 02:55:52 AM »
Have you found a software problem when using MyPaint, and can you tell us how to reproduce it? Please tell us! Our issue tracker can be found on Github:

To report a problem, press "New Issue"
To search for an existing bug, use the top bar to search "This repository ▼".

When reporting a bug please include
  • Details of your operating system, release, and desktop environment.
  • The version of MyPaint tested. An exact git revision, or a PPA version number, or a stable version number.
  • Exact, step by step instructions for reproducing the bug. Be as detailed as you want, we like it.
  • Where the behaviour deviated from what you expected, and what you expected.
Don't forget to search for the problem you've been having, and feel free to subscribe to and comment on issues other people have opened.

We have an old bug tracker too, which you can search: We're in the process of migrating bugs from there to Github though, so please use the new locations for reporting.
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