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Long Time.....No See.

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Sorry for not getting all of you updated for a long time, basically, I felt ashamed and helpless. I started the project years ago and it was only me onboard. It was just E17 + Ubuntu, nothing more. Than MadnessMike joined and we managed to create the OpenGEU Themes Manager, then we grew and quaker joined, we created a lot of software from that moment on. We became dependent on that software, e17-daemon, for example, is a core part of the opengeu suite.

E17 suddenly changed a lot and got much more developed, we contributed activeley, Sergey Semernin, a coder paid by ME, thanks to your donations, solved thousands of E17 bugs and missing parts. He developed a lot fo the current EFM code too. Then he had to leave and Victor took his place, Victor is developing amazing new features for EFM, hoping one day we can kiss goodbye any other file manager and use the real E17 thing.

But we became dependent on quaker and that's the problem. He didn't have any more time time to code. You know I'm not a coder myself, I put the ideas, create the software with mockups, draw the designs, I'm some sort of CEO, let's say. I gave birth to OpenGEU but I'm not able of bringing it on by myself. The sad truth is that if quaker doesn't work on the things opengeu needs, GEU is dead.

One of the things that suddenly stopped us was an incredible instability in the new E17 packages and the removed possiblity of changing themes from command line. GeuThemes couldn't work anymore. If we had to release an opengeu today, it'd be E17 + Debian, nothing more, nothing useful, nothing nice to see. Garbage. Quaker had to bring back to E17 the possibility of using command line again to change themes... but he disappeared long ago because he was too busy with his personal problems.

So, basically... Currently the OpenGEU team has only quaker as a coder. There's MadnessMike too, but he can code only in GAMBAS. We need help, we need coders, but we already tried in the past to call for coders and nobody helped. So, the project's vitality depends on only one person, the only coder we have: quaker.

There's not much I can do about this, sorry, if he's too busy and cannot continue developing what we need, OpenGEU cannot go on.
Currently we are starting from recompiling packages again, and that's only a small step forward, we'll have to build everything back. So, please, if you can help, do it. We cannot rely only on Quaker alone forever. We are at a crossroads: even if we manage to release this version, we'll need other coders. Please try and help us find some coders, if we don't find more people, we'll probably die.

To release OpenGEU we need quaker to recompile E17 packages, now E17 has the theming feature we missed back again. Then he needs to provide the code to change themes, needed for OpenGEU themes. At that point I'll test everything, roll  an iso up and post it to torrent as usual. Then we can work on the login manager too. The plan is to assemble as soon as possible a working GEU... but yet again, it only depends on quaker right now :(

Do you understand why I feel so helpless now? Hope you'll understand.


I understand the situation. However, I'm also no coder.
I had a short look at C++ in past, but I were just able to write little programs, nothing special or worth to mention.
That time is also already 2 years ago and never tried to code something again since then.
I have much time at the moment so I could use it to learn a little bit, but I think it would take much time until I'm good enough to be "useful"... so as you see I can't help.
I hope there will be others with the ability to help... would be nice to see OpenGEU back alive.

If anyone can do it, we need a lot of work to prepare E17 packages for compiling and packaging. If you can package e17 properly, please help.

Unfortunatly I can't help you with the packaging, because i know nothing about it.
I googled a bit and found this site:
and some tutorials for packaging for debian.
I didn't look to much into it yet, but it doesn't seem to be to complicated.
I'll probably look into this after i've finished my current project on Dec 3.

Maybe you could post some simple jobs later that new developers or packagers can do or provide some tutorials for debian packaging.
Several of the documents I found seemed to be outdated.

So until I learn how to package something, I'll try to help as much as i can by testing the development release and by reporting bugs.

So what's the forecast on the future of the OpenGEU project?


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